I saw this picture in facebook and I couldn’t help but share this with you, dear readers. A few months ago, I was assigned to share this topic (#loveGODloveothers) to our church youth group. The words simply fly off the tongue,but applying it is like dragging Titanic back to shore. We often tell people, “Christianity … More #LOVEGODLOVEOTHERS


Contrary to what you are thinking, I will not be putting down a bucket list before I die. This post would totally be in a whole new light. Being the ambitious person I am, here is a list of what I wanted to be when I grow up… (I’m still growing up by the way…) … More THE BUCKET LIST

Rumor Has It

I’d have to dust off the cobwebs from my blog now as I’ve just found inspiration to write!  (Tsk! Tsk! Such is the career life eating me up, but before I lose my mind or be on the verge of writer’s block, here’s what I’ve learned as I’m “adulting”…) Recently, I found out that someone made … More Rumor Has It


It is way past Valentine’s Day and despite the fact that I’m still single, I really find it ironic how my friends  (taken or heartbroken) come to me for “love-advice”. For this month in particular, I’ve had my fair share of advice “sessions” and they all had mixed results. All of them had a familiar … More LOVE IS WAITING

The Clean Slate

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” -Psalms 51:10- Wouldn’t you know it, the first month of 2014 is about to slip us by! Indeed, it was a tumultuous 2013 we have experienced! With that, I choose not to recapitulate the crazy turn of events so as … More The Clean Slate


To all those who read my previous blog: jellybites.wordpress.com, welcome to my new blog! Thanks for taking the time to read and appreciate life’s wonders with me! This blog would not be the same as the previous one as it would focus more on life’s ups and downs. So, there won’t be much pictures on … More Moved